Flashing a Painful 7C+ Crack Boulder || Norway Bouldering

31st July 2020
31st Jul 2020

Crack climbing is usually perceived as painful, however, we usually say if it's painful you're doing it wrong... sometimes however the rule is broken. This crack boulder problem although being an absolute classic, had a sharp offset that required some subtle body positions to prevent it from being incredibly painful across the forearm. The remainder of the video, documents a few other classic Norway boulders climbed by either Pete or Mari. Mostly crack, but one a crimper. 0:00 Pete - Hampus drakk sprit, klatre sparagmit 7C+ 3:34 Mari - Hampus drakk sprit, klatre sparagmit 7C+ 5:34 Pete - Alle Mine Hender 7A+ 6:35 Mari - Riss Bulderen 7C 7:51 Pete - Tunge Tider 8A  SUBSCRIBE to our Youtube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/wideboyz?sub_... Find us: www.wideboyz.com

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