Candela 2015


Candela 2015

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Candela 2015
Candela 2015
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"New tool to remove the ice core frozen inside ice screws. Fold-out hook to pull cord through Abalakov anchor (V-thread) and retractable blade to cut cord or sling material. Clip it to your harness or stash inside a screw (soft plastic material won’t scratch a screw’s surface finish)."

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Climbing Gear Geek
Aug 26th 2015
Hi Silas, It can be hard, but as with most things, practice is the key. To make it easier, try to look for natural features that might give you a target to aim for, or features that require much less screwing. Some large icicles for example can simply be slung, requiring no effort at all. Hope that helps, Dave

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