Trango Alp Evo GTX 2015

La Sportiva

Trango Alp Evo GTX 2015

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La Sportiva
Trango Alp Evo GTX 2015
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Trango Alp Evo Gore-Tex is the sturdy and comfortable shoe dedicated to activities like alpine hiking and demanding treks with heavy packs. The essential look, the contained inner volumes that guarantee maximum mobility and the overall comfort of the boot are the strong points of this product. The SubSkin Injection™ technology that forms the inner structural frame of the shoe and avoids unnecessary stitching conveys a minimalistic look to this model and guarantees a high level of comfort and overall water repellence. The Gore-Tex Performance Comfort lining guarantees that the shoe is waterproof and breathable. The sole with differentiated lugs work in synergy with the polyurethane and soft EVA midsole to provide excellent overall shock absorption.

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The most trusted name in the boot sole business. Makers of the Montagna sole and XS Grip rubber.

A proprietary technology in outsole design where the lugs of the soles are oriented in opposing slanted directions. This opposition increases braking power by an average of 20% and decreases impact forces by and average of 20%.
Gore-Tex® liner keeps feet dry while kicking steps in couloirs

La Sportiva “Cube” by Vibram with Impact Brake System lugs on the heel and climbing-zone at the toe
material: Idro-Perwanger® Leather water repellent 2,2 mm + SubSkin Injection™
Gore-Tex Performance Comfort

Nylon 7 mm with wider torsion resistant areas at the rear
1450g (per pair)

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