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Quark 2015

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Quark 2015
Quark 2015
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QUARK is a versatile ice axe, designed primarily for technical mountaineering and for ice climbing. Because of the head's modular construction, it adapts to any situation. The QUARK ice axe is easy to use: its balance and its ICE pick allow solid placements on any type of ice. Hooking is more efficient, thanks to the clearance under the head and to the shape of the pick. The GRIPREST and the TRIGREST hand rests ensure a comfortable, powerful grip adapted to leashless climbing.

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Aug 11th 2015
Please check out EpicTV Climbing Daily episode "Ueli Steck's Secret Kit Room" to find out:-) http://www.epictv.com/media/podcast/ueli-stecks-secret-kit-room-%7C-epictv-climbing-daily-ep-164/261204

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